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    Advantages of Virtual Servers are:
    Faster server provisioning
    Improved efficiency
    Offers a flexible IT infrastructure
    Cost effective
    Reduce hardware vendor lock-in
    Increase uptime

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    Advantages of Virtual Private Server are:

    • More stability and reliability
    • Green technology, environmentally friendly, and more efficient use of resources
    • Easy scalability
    • Better Performance
    • Flexibility
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Privacy & Security
    • Support
    • Remote control
    • Share files
    • Online anonymity
    • Unblock websites & bypass filters
    • Change IP address

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    Shared web hosting will become past in some time. It is due to many companies are selling their servers over and getting thousands of clients on same server which are not good for it. But in case of virtual private server it will be more stability and reliability for basic web hosting requirements.

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    Here few adavantages of VPS

    1.More stability and reliability for basic web hosting
    2.Cost effective for small websites
    3.self dependency with have better security
    4.can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time
    5.can have easy scalability and backup in this method
    6.Dedicated Email server

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    Yes, if you host the website in a vps environment, the downloading speed from your website may depend on the vps resources you have purchased.
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    Less Energy cost and Increased Performance – First and foremost, virtual server significantly lowers the cost of operations. By virtualization, companies saves huge sum of power that would have been consumed to run multiple physical servers. In addition, consolidating multiple servers into a single virtual server eliminates the cost of having to purchase and install numerous hardware every time a company sets up another website. Every next additional website will simply be added to the existing virtual server, saving both time and resources.

    Easy to run Disaster Recovery – Virtual infrastructure makes disaster recovery even easier to run. A full server could be restored from scratch in less than a minute. The company can easily create data backups of snapshot server images that will facilitate the recovery process automatically.

    It’s Eco-Friendly – Companies that use virtual server technologies save a lot on power consumption; up to 40% in power and maintenance cost. With the power save, comes less burning carbon fuels and greenhouse gas emissions to the environment from the bigger picture perspective. In essence virtual server makes companies go green, apart from the obvious fact that it’s a smart financial move.

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    Advantages of virtual server are given below:
    1. Facilities to be simplified and space saving.
    2. Full compatibility with applications.
    3. Facility for running backups.
    4. Hardware independence.
    5. Saving electrical energy used by servers.

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    Virtualization saves significant energy costs. Among other server virtualization benefits, the migration of physical servers to virtual machines allows you to consolidate them onto fewer physical servers. ... Another major plus is the ability to power down servers without affecting applications or users.

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