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    Here are the advantages of cheap shared hosting:

    • Low budget solution
    • Get array of services using shared web hosting
    • Unlimited space and domains
    • Ease of use
    • Convenience
    • Customization
    • Efficiency
    • Crashes
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Good server administration

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    The availability of the cheap web hosting service makes it easier for all to make their online presence. These cheap web hosting are highly reliable and secured.

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    The advantages of shared web hosting outweigh the disadvantages for most people. Of course, whether this service will fit your needs depends on the size of the hosted web sites. The greatest advantage is the lower price which is the decisive factor for most buyers. The second great advantage is that you don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running programs. For close to ninety percent of all web sites, shared hosting is the proper solution. This is because it is the cheaper option and does not require Linux administration skills. When using shared web hosting, all the user has to do is upload his website or web based system and configure it to work. All shared hosting providers offer their services with an easy-to-use, web-based Control Panel, so it is easy to upload your site, create email accounts and add a database. Shared Web Hosting saves time and headaches because somebody else is taking care of the server’s maintenance, therefore it is the preferred choice for smaller web sites.

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    Advantages of shared hosting are given below:
    1. Cost Effectiveness
    2. Customisation
    3. Convenience
    4. Efficiency
    5. Performance

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    The main advantage of Cheap Shared Hosting is that you get all facility in low cost because the plan is divided into your shared partner
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    I would say cost effectiveness is the biggest advantage of shared hosting. Provider can make profits even offering cheaper service to their clients. Wordpress shared hosting is in great demand.

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    Advantages of shared hosting:
    1. Customization
    2. Security
    3. Efficiency
    4. Convinience

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    The benefits of shared hosting you will get are,

    Cost Effectiveness. The fact that shared web hosting is usually offered at extremely an affordable rate is perhaps its biggest advantage

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    Shared hosting plans comes much cheaper compared to dedicated hosting and VPS which means that even websites for personal blogging and small businesses can afford it. Shared hosting plan prices are usually offered with prices ranging from $3 to $10 per month.

    The administration and maintenance of the server is taken cared of by the hosting provider which means that you don’t need to concern yourself with technical issues of the server.

    You don’t need to posses any special knowledge in website and server administration as the hosting provider takes care of the administration chores.

    You get to be provided with a cPanel or other user-friendly application that are designed to make website management easy.

    You get multiple email accounts at your own domain as well as the option to have more than one database.

    You get MySQL and PHP support.

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