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    Quote Originally Posted by Janice6 View Post
    hi all,

    I want to set up website,
    what kind of server do you advice?
    ssd or else?

    Hi there,

    Server preferences varies as per requirements. Therefore, you should prioritize your requirements first.

    Visit: to get reliable, high performing web hosting services at never before rates. You can choose from the wide range of hosting plans as per your requirements.

    You will get premium quality hosting services at the prices you will not get elsewhere.


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    I have no ideas about this.

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    According to me, I suggest Linux server for hosting a website because it has friendly features where it is easy to setup the website on our own.

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    I think that is Shared host
    With shared hosting, resources are allocated to you to host a server on a larger server. Shared hosts run a specialised server management platform such as Multicraft.

    Shared hosting is appropriate for small servers (often less than 40 players). They are cheap, often starting at $4 per gigabyte per month. However, despite that many hosts sell in increments of gigabytes of memory, gigabytes are not everything! It is important to know what you are purchasing. Here are some important questions to ask:

    How much disk space do you get? Most hosts will provide a few gigabytes, enough for most purposes. Be wary of hosts providing "unlimited" disk space!
    What kind of storage are my servers using? Many hosts will host your server on SSDs, which provide fast storage. SSDs are useful for Minecraft, as they will increase the performance of loading chunks on your Minecraft server.
    What kind of CPU do you use? Many hosts use some kind of Intel processor that provides good single-core performance.
    How many clients are put on a server? Be wary if the host does not know or does not tell you. A high number of servers can mean they are overselling, which will reduce your server's performance.
    Do you offer support for my server? Chances are that if you are using a shared host, you are new to hosting servers and need to most help you can get. Your host can often help you with providing server-related support.
    Do you offer a free trial of Buycraft Premium? Many shared hosts offer a free 30-day trial of Buycraft Premium to their customers to allow them to quickly get started with professionally monetising their Minecraft servers.
    If you're not sure about where to look to find a shared host, check out our partners page. All our partners offer a 30 day trial of Buycraft Premium.
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