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    How to protect your vps?

    can any good host advise me how to protect a vps? My vps first got hacked and started brute force attacks on others and after three days my whole 3tb bandwidth got eaten. What should I do to avoid compromising my vps?

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    Just check with your hosting provider, Whether they are providing you the Clean service or Used one? Just setup strong credentials, Setup up firewall security. you can even go with management service where management team will handle all these kind of issues.

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    I would recommend to install good firewall like CSF. Also install LFD to prevent brute force attack.
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    Think that it also depends on the host you deal with. I can say that is super secure ssd vps hosting provider.
    Their email SPAM controls works really good according to reviews, so you will have no headaches with Spam. Use coupon BESTVPSOFFER for 25% off for life.

    I am really impressed by their facebook page, it is very informative:

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    Well-protected VPS deals are available from and, their servers work with no glitches and prices are competitive. Servers are well-supported and support is online for 24 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronbrad View Post
    I would recommend to install good firewall like CSF. Also install LFD to prevent brute force attack.
    I vote CSF as well, Its amazing how many IP's try and brute force your servers. We must block around 30-40 a day.

    Install guide:

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    Some security measures how to protect VPS :
    1. Audit Your Server
    2. Close Unnecessary Ports And Disable Unused Services
    3. Keep Everything Updated, And Make Backups Often
    4. Make Sure Your SSH Configuration Is Secure
    5. Remain Vigilant Against The Most Common Security Threats

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    Some of VPS security measures are,
    - Reset Your VPS password frequently.
    - basic firewall setting.
    - Take assistance from your hosting provider to secure your VPS from incoming DDOS attacks by using one of the DDOS mitigation solutions.
    - Limit the website traffic through control panel.
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    Great post thanks for sharing with us

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    I would suggest you to go with scopehosts Managed VPS service, There you will get secure VPS access and also they will provide you as follows:
    - Firewall setup
    - Spam Protection
    - Trojan/Anti-virus setup
    - DDOS protection
    I personally enjoying their services. Have a look on the scopehosts SSD Managed VPS

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    Great information.. thank you...

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    You can take below actions for securing the VPS -

    1. Install antivirus
    2. Configure the firewall.
    4. Update the installed software and patch the scripts on server.
    5. Change the root password of you VPS periodically.
    6. Do not access the database with root access.
    7. Block the malicious IP address and sometimes countries too,
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    Run regular virus/malware scans on your server.
    Regularly check your security logs.
    Disable Compilers.
    Use Apache 2.2 or higher (but obfuscate your version number)
    Sign on with a DDOS protection provider such as CloudFlare.
    Install rkhunter or chkrootkit. ...
    Secure WHM.

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    Protect your VPS from DDoS attacks. Due to which your website speed may get slower, bandwidth may get reduced unknowingly, in short impact your whole website very badly. Hence we have VPS that have DDoS protection.

    We offer affordable and capable protection from almost all types of DDOS attacks regardless of what type of online service is being targeted. We offer affordable dedicated servers that are affordable and powerful enough to deliver an ideal hosting for websites, uninterrupted streaming and secure business.

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    Have your vps with best hosting provider, where brute force attack and many other hacking files will be stopped at network level with there firewall intrusion systems on there networks.

    I can suggest you to check with TRIJIT VPS HOSTING

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