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    Java hosting is the hosting platform provided to host Java based web applications and jsp web pages.

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    Java is a type of programming language that allows users to create dynamic web pages and content.

    Java hosting plans place the Java programming language at their core, making it easy for website builders to scale their site using things like Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), and more.
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    Some of the factors which make java servers popular are

    1) One can easily learn Java
    2) Java is very rich when it comes to API
    3) Java has many powerful development tools.
    4) Java has the best inventory of Open Source libraries

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    The Benefits of Java Hosting

    Now that we’ve answered the question “What is Java hosting?” we can start to examine the benefits that this type of hosting has over others. These include:

    High portability/flexibility: The number one reason web developers choose Java hosting over other options is because of the coding language’s high portability and flexibility. Unlike other codes that may need to be rewritten several times in order to be compatible with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.), Java code only needs to be written once. Once it’s developed, it can easily be moved from one system to another and look and function exactly the same, which is great for consistent branding.

    Mobile compatibility: The future of business is mobile, which is why mobile compatibility is another one of Java’s greatest strengths. If you plan on doing any Android application programming, you’ll want to host with Java.

    Stability: Some programming languages are all the rage one day and dead the next. But when you host with Java, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style any time soon – once again, it’s currently used by more than 9 million developers!

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    Java Web Hosting is very popular these days and is proving to be a very efficient way of hosting your websites. It is problem free and is available at a very low cost. Always do a thorough check about the java programmers employed at the web hosting company and their experience with Tomcat. While you are looking for an old company that has stood the test of time, you should make sure they have the latest and fast servers. You will also need to specify if you are looking for shared or virtual dedicated web hosting.

    When you look for a java web hosting company you should confirm that there will be java experts at hand whenever you need them. No web host can be classified as a good one unless he provides you with customer support services at all hours, throughout the year. You should see which plan works out better for you. Most long term plans work out cheaper than the month to month plans but when you start off with the web host, it is always a better to start with a month to month subscription till you are sure that the services suit your business.

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    If you want to run java based application on server, then it need servelet/tomcat package required for that. Basically java have much predicative with like, JSP, Servlets, XML, and EJB.

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