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    The reason why Website on server cant be reached and solution

    During the visit, we may often encounter the situation where can not access the page. I believe that many people think that the network is dropped or server is a problem.but that is not the case after careful examination, in fact, the reason for this situation may be the DNS service fails. IE and other network settings are incorrect. Usually we encounter such a situation, how should we deal with it?

    Firstly, determine whether it is routing problems.Beacuse the different places of the ISP have different DNS addresses, so there may be a router or network card that can not connect with the ISP's DNS service, if such a case, you can restart the router, replace one IP try.

    Secondly, the network firewall issue, if the network firewall settings accidentally block access to IE into the list,that will be such a problem, we can directly turn off the firewall or decrease firewall security level and then see if it can recover.

    Thirdly, there is a possibility that IE Trojan virus. If this happens, we have to download the software for killing.

    Fourthly, we can download google browser to browse the Web, Google browser compatibility and safety factor is very high, and the temporary use less memory, open the Web page speed is very fast, very professional to browse websites in the world, but also comes with translation.

    If you meet other issues except that,you can reach me.I am Thomas Edison working for VPB hosting company.

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    i think there is a possibility that IE Trojan virus. If this happens, we have to download the software for killing.

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    Great information thanks for sharing.

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    Helpful points! I will add some more as below -

    1. Make sure your domain is active that is it is not expired.
    2. If domain is active then please make sure it is pointing to your hosting provider's server.
    3. Make sure the DNS is propagated over internet.
    4. Try to access it from various location so you will come to know if it is blocked in particular area or all over the world.
    5. Always clear the browser's cache before accessing the site.

    Hope this points will help you.
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