I know that there are a lot of hosting providers and especially startup ones, who are looking for a billing platform for their projects. Some of the most popular proprietary class solutions may not always be the best option because of price while open-source software – because of insecurity.

BILLmanager, the billing solution we develop may be right choice here and work as alternative to WHMCS or Hostbill. WeŽd love that HostSearch users try it and share their feedback with us. You can check an online demo of BILLmanager and download it for free to evaluate its features. There is also a detailed documentation of BILLmanager on wiki.

The most interesting Features are:
  • Completely free upon 50 clients with no limitations on functional side.
  • A huge list of free integrations with hosting control panels, VPS panels, dedicated server provisioning panel, domain registrars, SSL providers and payment gateways.
  • Premium features which can be only found in much pricier panels like HostBill, etc.

Would be happy to answer any questions on here, and would really appreciate any feedback!

Team ISPsystem | Hosting Software