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    What happens to a domain name after it naturally expires?

    Hello friends,

    What happens to a domain name after it naturally expires?

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    After domain name expired , the supplier will send an email to ask you renew or they 'll cancel your service .

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    There is some incorrect information in this article and I would do as a few others have mentioned and search for ICANN's Domain Life Cycle flow chart. It basically shows you the average turnaround time on a domain after it expires. The basic breakdown is as follows:

    1. Domain name expires
    2. Domain enters grace period for renewal - the domain name can be renewed through the existing registrar at no additional cost (as if you renewed it prior to the domain expiration date.
    3. Domain enters "Redemption Mode" - The domain can be renewed through the existing registrar but a fee is added (this fee can range but is typically around $80 + renewal of the domain name).
    4. Domain is deleted from the registry
    5. Domain is made available for registration - this is essentially like you are registering the domain name for the first time. Anyone can register the domain at this point.

    During all stages of renewal possibilities (meaning auto-renew, grace period, and redemption period) you can ONLY renew the domain name through your existing registrar. If you want to risk the chance of losing your domain, and re-register the domain name through a different registrar you need to wait until the entire process has completed and the domain name is made available for registration again.
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    If you install the extension automatically, the system will deduct your money and tell you that domain extension
    If you do not allow automatic extension of the system to send you mail and waiting for you in the first period. If you still do not renew the domain name contest will be canceled

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    If you are prompted for making an offer, your domain has likely been grabbed by a domain grabber. It is now being possessed by somebody who wants to sell it to you. You had previously waived your rights to the name, so your option will now be to buy the name back from someone else.

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