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    Servers from and are reliable and stable enough to have a deal with.
    They are able to satisfy all your needs with no doubts.
    Their support is very responsive and provides very good notices in advance of maintenance periods, etc..

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    Hello Friends,

    I have no idea about dedicated server speed so please suggest me..

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    1. What is your budged for this server?
    2. Do you need any specific location?
    3. Do you need managed support?|Managed Virtual Private Servers|Managed Dedicated Servers|
    Managed Hosting Solution|24/7/365 Support
    Datacentar and servers location: Dataplace - Holland, Europe

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    Very useful post thanks for sharing.

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    I would suggest you to go with - you will get secure and reliable hosting service with reasonable price.

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    Have a look on the scopehosts DDOS prootected servers, There you can get custom servers as per your requirement.

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    You should expect less quality of network with lower prices because if you are willing to pay more for a server(s) you would get a better quality of the network. Btw if you are planning to expand globally you should consider the amount of TIER 1 carriers with your next provider. If a certain provider has more TIER 1 ISPs such as Cogent, GTT or Hibernia they can more easily reach users even in the smallest countries

    Another great way to test their network is a trial version of your desired dedicated server. Ask them directly on online chat support or just try to google it.
    With love,


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    I can name Servers have good performance and aren't overloaded. Support staff is knowledgeable and very fast to respond.

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    I do know of a host provider iwrahost which have host with cheap price good service and dedicated host. you can also check its review and find it to be best service provider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user2013 View Post

    I am relatively new to dedicated servers which has brought me to this forum to ask a few questions.

    I am wanting to find a powerful dedicated server, something with minimum 12 fast cores/24 hyper threading. More cores and faster the cores/processor the better.

    The purpose of the dedicated server is to run an a program that can access all the computers resources to speed up the process. So if the dedicated server has 12 or 24 or 32 cores it can access them all. The more cores, and faster cores, will just speed up the whole process. My computer is very under powered and the application needs to be running 24/7 accessing all of the computers/dedicated servers resources.

    I have found some companies that sell these types of dedicated servers but they cost anywhere upwards of 500 dollars per month.

    Does anyone know of a company which has what I am looking for but for a cheaper cost?

    Can you overclock a dedicated server?

    I am also looking into private clouds and I see very little differences between them and a dedicated server. To my knowledge the resources are not shared like a VPS or a public cloud.

    We offer dedicated server at low cost in USA and Netherlands. Our data centers are located in both countries for best performance and high speed.
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    Our networks are protected by state-of-the-art equipment and software. We regularly update and upgrade our Cisco- and Juniper routers and switches to protect our network infrastructure to provide the finest customer experience.

    We do not believe in cheap quality and low prices like our competitors. We believe in best quality and affordable prices to ensure that our customers receive the best of both worlds superb quality and lower prices.

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