There are many advantages that a business gets with dedicated server hosting. These include:

1. Complete control: You have root access to your server and can install any software, select the hardware you want, configure the server in any manner that suits your business.

2. Comprehensive resources: All the resources are for your websites. The concept of sharing a server with other businesses is eliminated.

3. Complete isolation: You are the sole occupant of the server and have total privacy for your mission-critical applications.

4. More reliability: Since the entire resources are with you, there is no possibility of any shortage of resources for your business. You are assured of 99.95% network uptime. You also are assured of faster page upload as you alone use the bandwidth.

5. Enhanced security: You are given a dedicated IP address which isolates your business from others. No unauthorized entity has access to your site.

6. Dedicated monitoring: your host provides proactive monitoring of the Dedicated server to make sure there is no issue that may impede its performance.