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    What is Firewall?

    Hello Friends,

    Please tell me what is firewall.

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    A firewall is a network security system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both.

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    A firewall is a network security device that grants or rejects network access to traffic flows between an untrusted zone (e.g., the Internet) and a trusted zone (e.g., a private or corporate network). It can be implemented in both hardware and software, that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic.

    Hardware Firewalls- It can be purchased as astand alone product but are also typically found in broadband routers, and should be considered an importnat part of your system and network setup.

    Software Firewalls- It has to be installed on your computer (like any software) and you can customize it; allowing you some control over its function and protection features. A software firewall will protect your computer from outside attempts to control or gain access your computer.

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    A Firewall is a network Security in which monitior & controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic. It Can be Implement Both Hardware & software. Firewall is always useful for allowing remote access to a private network through secure authentication & logins.

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    Shield (a community or program) from unauthorized access using a firewall.
    "a firewalled system"
    Joyful functioning

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    A firewall is a network security device that monitors traffic to or from your network. It allows or blocks traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

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