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    Imagine you have a big cake in front of you and five other individuals.

    You are to share the cake among five individuals

    You can either divide the cake into 5 equal portions where each portion is given to an individual (VPS Hosting).


    You simply allow them to keep taking a piece of the cake until it finishes (Shared Hosting).

    VPS gives you more control and access to more resources compared to shared hosting....
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    On shared hosting your account is hosted with other accounts, this means that the available resources on that server are split and shared between all accounts on that server. The VPS server is Virtual Private Server and on this server only you will be able to add other accounts and manage their resource limits. All the available resources that are included in your VPS plans will be used only for your account and other accounts that you will create.

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    Shared hosting is the cheapest option but comes with limited bandwidth, administration and performance capabilities as the server resources are shared with other sites. VPS hosting offers greater customization and increased performance, but as it is a premium service, you will have to pay more.

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    I will tell you the actual meaning and difference for shared and vps hosting.
    In shared hosting you will share the hosting space in server and in vps hosting you will be given some private space in server which no one able to access your space in the server. I hope you understand very well.

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    1. The security.
    Shared hosting means that you share a single server with dozens or hundreds of sites. Your website is easily threatened if other sites are hacked. VPS hosting doesn't exsit this kind of risk.

    2. The performance of website.
    If you host your site on shared hosting, you are allocated a limited resource. However, VPS hosting offers a virtualized server with dedicated CPU, memory, and more. So needless to say, the performance of website on VPS is better than the one on shared hosting.

    3. The customization of server configuration
    Shared hosting offers a default server configuration, you don't allow to modify system files. But hosting on VPS, you have full control to manage any server configuration.

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    Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting

    Virtual Private Server hosting is more powerful than shared hosting, since everyone gets a nice private virtual server each. So technically, you get a nice chunk of server space etc for yourself. That’s a nice step up from the shared hosting option.

    So even though technically you’re on the same physical machine as others, you have your own little space – so no sharing with others. This usually means a better performance and faster loading speeds.

    Shared Hosting-

    Shared hosting is one of the most common and popular forms of Web hosting service. It is generally provided by Web hosting service providers, which usually have multiple Web servers on-site. Upon signup with the provider, each website’s logical partition/space is created on the Web server, which houses data for that website only. Other websites are also present on the same Web server, simultaneously sharing the storage, computing power, network and other resources. Because it is a shared service, shared hosting is a cheaper alternate to dedicated hosting.

    Shared hosting is recommended for websites that are smaller in size, don’t have a large amount of Web traffic, have considerably lower security concerns and require cost-effective solutions for website hosting.

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