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    How much traffic is really allowed with the unlimited sharing hosting

    Hi folks,

    I would like to know, How much traffic is really allowed with the unlimited sharing hosting ??

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    depends on the resources used by your script and users

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    Unlimited Web Hosting is nothing but a marketing gimmick prevailing in Web Hosting industry nowadays. Most overselling web host claims to offer unlimited web hosting under Fair Use Policy. This Fair Use Policy states that "you are free to host your website only as long as you use a given subset of resources". When you exceeds its bandwidth or disk space limits you will violate the Fair Use Policy and you will be noticed to upgrade to VPS plan.

    Web Hosts can offer unlimited Web Hosting because there are a hundred users on a given shared server but not all of them will use all the resources available. In most cases, 99 out of the 100 users will consume a small fraction of the traffic and space, and this allows the host to oversell servers claiming that hosting is unlimited.

    You should choose web host with good support instead of Host with unlimited resources.

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    For this question, it is better to ask directly with your host. honestly there is not such thing as unlimited hosting. Every hardware or bandwidth there is a limit on it.
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    Well, Its completely depend on your purpose and the terms policy of the hosting company. If you really want to know your resource limits on the unlimited shared hositng you should check out the term of service page on your hosting company's website or search resource limit page on the company's website. Some of Hosters don't put any limit on bandwidth but they put limit on hard disk because bandwith might be not measure by companies but the hardisk is subject to measure because it is always limited to the server there is no such word unlimited for hardisk. there is always a limit to it.

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    great post with nice information thanks for sharing

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    There is not such thing as unlimited hosting. On bandwidth there is a limit on it.
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