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    How to resolve Canonical issue if .htacces file is not presented in root directoery?

    Please Suggest the easiest way to solve this problem.

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    can you search on Google that is brief explain on Google.

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    Have you checked you wp_posts table in your DB? Does the "guid" field always shows the right URL? If not it can be manually edited.
    Useless: .htaccess directives at the root level apply for all sub-folders, unless a different rule is specified for a given sub-folder.
    Are you running on Apache ? Is the mod_rewrite.c lmodule oaded ? This module is active on most Linux / Apache shared hosting, but not always. (if your other rewrite rules are working, it means that the module is active).

    Which theme are you using? Some themes like Socrates are recording default URLs (Home for exemple) at the time you activate the theme: any change after activation will have no effect: you have to manually edit the URL in Theme / Settings.

    I've never seen a canonical issue beyond the reach of a good .htaccess rewrite rule, again assuming you are on Apache with mod_rewrite.c activated.

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    .htaccess rules cascade. It's the reason it has some efficiency issues (minor) - if you request a file seven levels down in the directory tree, every directory up to web root has to be checked for applicable rules.

    So if you have your http to https redirect in the top level, that will apply all the way down unless there's a conflicting rule.

    If you aren't pulling third-party resources in, it should be pretty simple. If you *are* pulling in third-party resources, make sure they are https too
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    Is it server wide or are you facing this issue with particular site (like WordPress, Joomla etc)?

    Can you please make sure that your dot files are not quarantine? If your file will get quarantine then it won't be listed. Also, make sure that mod rewrite is enabled on your server?

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    or those who aren't aware, the .htaccess file is a type of config file for the ... issues, where before we only had redirects and blocking to solve a problem. It is a ... The common SEO redirect is ensuring that a canonical domain is used, ..... 1) Make sure your root directory is called correctly in the error code. ie.

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