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    difference between cloud and traditional datacenters?

    a) The cost of the traditional data center is higher due to heating and hardware/software issues

    b) Cloud gets scaled when the demand increases. Majority of the expenses are spent on the maintenance of the data centers, while that is not the case with cloud computing

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    The main difference between a Cloud and Data Center is that a Cloud is an Off Premise form of computing that stores data on Internet, and Data Center refers to On Premise Hardware that stores data within an Organization's local network.

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    In simple words -

    A datacenter is bunch of servers, storage, backup connected to network; running applications.

    A cloud is ‘pay what you use’ pie from the datacenter mentioned above.

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    Cloud computing expert Chris Moyer explains the difference between a private cloud and the standard data center.

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    The main difference between a cloud and a data center is that a cloud is an off-premise form of computing that stores data on the Internet, whereas a data center refers to on-premise hardware that stores data within an organization's local network. While cloud services are outsourced to third-party cloud providers who perform all updates and ongoing maintenance, data centers are typically run by an in-house IT department.

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    On premise data center refers to a physical private data center server, and private cloud is cloud management software, the logical IT model, for which data lies in an infrastructure.

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