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    The choice of SEO server requires attention to the problem of seven

    At the time of search engine optimization, the vast majority of SEO experts tend to focus on the page, what is original, high quality outside the chain, perhaps, they ignored a more important point, that is SEO server, generally is used mostly in the virtual host. Of course, a good server, won't let you up, but you can be sure, if you are not careful to choose the bad server, so you all kinds of optimization may be disqualified.
    1, the IP address of the server
    Each server has an IP address. Of course, not to say that the IP can do something, but stressed that the server's IP address is the very important factor in SEO. Google's algorithm is considered through the check the IP address of the server's national, regional and have different effect, the result will be affected, especially the local search. Many IP address because of various reasons, is considered not to be trusted, perhaps because of too much spam or some other factors, they may be on a blacklist. Choose those who trusted server providers, in order to avoid to change the IP address, because it is widely regarded as suspicious behavior. Often change the IP server is easy to be on the suspicious objects even blacklisted.
    2,Plug-in and update server
    On the Web server plug-ins, some of which is very important for search engine optimization (seo). For example: the URL rewrite module will affect the dynamic website URL structure. In addition, frequently update your website server (Web server, SQL server, plugins, etc.) also seem to be very important, because the server will ensure the security of your site. Therefore, please ensure that your hosting service provider's server update regularly, patch. In order to ensure the safe running of the site.
    3,Uptime percentage
    Select the server must be 24 * 7 hours non-stop server, and have enough ability to deal with a lot of Web request. Otherwise, often can't response of the server, will lose a lot of potential customers. In addition, it also makes search engine spiders to temporarily unavailable try to grab a lot of pages, that whether the index page number and your ranking will be affected.
    4,Loading time
    The server must be able to in a very short period of time and return to the page. Speed is the first element of the user experience. Total load time, of course, in addition to the server response time, also depends on many factors such as bandwidth, server hardware and service content type. Try to reduce the optimization site code and select the appropriate compression programs, other compression website, it will be able to greatly optimize the server processing Web request loading time. Loading time, even if not directly influence the outcome of the search engine optimization (seo), to be sure, at least it affect the user experience, user experience is more and more important in the future, so the search engine in the future is likely to consider the factors as ranking factors.
    5,Avoid cheap junk server
    Some server providers, will be used in the web of suspicious JavaScript code, with its to achieve some other point-scoring, server space provided by these providers are usually very cheap, and even costs, in order to attract more customers, in fact he in other ways, the purpose of using his server, is to be used. For spam filtering and select a clear privacy policy, strict policy reputable server providers.
    6,Number of sites the same server
    The number of sites on the same server will also affect the processing time of service. The server has many websites on the server doesn't seem to be so fond of. Determine an exact site server IP number is not a easy job, but fortunately there are some reverse IP query tool, you can use to check your site the same IP on the number of other sites.
    7,Other features on the server
    In choosing a server hosting services, you must check the bandwidth limitations and other constraints, the number of email account, can send the number of emails sent every day, is there a log access, whether can add plug-ins, etc., also, please keep in mind that a server, risk is the key to the problem is very few, the size of the problem, there will always be, therefore, to ensure that the selected providers have good customer support services and experienced technicians.

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    Nice write up, but very hard to read with long unbroken block of text. Are you the author of this article?
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    Nice post thanks for sharing with us

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    Very useful post thanks for sharing.

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    The benefits of USA Multiple ip server on site

    Multiple ip server

    USA multiple ip Dedicated servers With 1021 Ips

    The server has become a indispensable space hardware storage location website. The server from the beginning to the mature, experienced the test of time, the server IP advantage more, is also one of the main factors to attract webmaster. Multiple IP can bring web site.
    1、Convenience of search engine, an IP only placed on a website (IP), far more than an IP placed dozens of hundreds of web sites in front of the search engine "face"; The search engine will think your website "more important", will have a higher weight.
    2、Prevent web site search engine K out, if an IP placed on multiple sites, including a web site search optimization excessive, is this IP on all sites, search engines will not be included. If this IP as one of the "illegal content" website blocked, are all on this IP can no longer access to the website. On the other hand, if multiple sites distributed on multiple IP, even each site using independent IP, is affected by the opportunity to greatly decreases, and greatly improve the quality of your site.
    3、Easier to maintain. When your server attack, for example, if an IP placed on multiple sites, you are hard to rule out is which website, on the other hand, if each IP placed only a few several websites and even each site using a separate IP, then it is easy to find out the problem.
    4、 The server IP connectivity
    When an IP of the server is attacked cannot use, we can change a continue to use, don't say, after an IP attack, and it's over, no use, site affected.
    The server's IP can more to benefit all aspects of the site, so sometimes appeal in the server does not necessarily price, but the server perfect advantages, that is the most attractive.


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    Thank you for the post, very useful information....

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