Dedicated server
USA Dedicated server

The file server is an intranet server that uses the network to provide access requests and service delivery to the user, and the file server is used to manage the shared files. In the enterprise need to share some files, such as PPT, software, etc., users need to share the way or FTP way to download or upload the file. The file server is responsible for the transmission of large capacity data between the server and the user disk. Therefore, the file server for a higher degree of dependence on the network, the quality of network bandwidth directly affect the user's file sharing and access experience.
In addition, the file sharing will naturally involve the disk read and write operations, therefore, the disk subsystem capacity and speed have certain requirements. Select high speed, high interface speed, large capacity cache of the disk, and the formation of disk arrays, can effectively improve the speed of the disk system to transfer files. Large capacity memory can reduce the number of hard disk read and write, to provide a buffer for file transfer, improve data transfer speed.'s file servers have priority for hardware requirements for network systems, disk systems, and memory.