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    What is User Friendly Website?

    Hello Friends,
    what main characteristics a user friendly Website is needed?

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    A website which guides visitors browsing website through interactive content and appealing design.
    The design which does not let the user get confused or irritated while using website.
    It should further enable the user to get its product/service at one click.

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    some main characteristics are: nice website designment, informative and useful content, clear website structure, mobile friendly
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    A user-friendly website is easy to follow. It has a good design and the information is clear and informative. The colours flow and highlight what is important on the page. All of the elements flow in a logical way. I think this includes the favicon (the small little icon on the top left of your browser page), as it just displays an image that helps the user identify the page when there are lots of tabs open This is what I'm talking about when it comes to making your own favicon btw. They are pretty easy to generate.

    The page is optimized to have a quick loading time. There's nothing worse for scaring away visitors than having a page that loads super slow. Use one of the websites measuring web page speed for this, they also give good recommendations on how exactly you can make your page quicker.
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    Having a user-friendly website is critical to creating a positive user experience. Here are 10 tips to improve your website's usability.

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    These are the characteristics the User-friendly website should have
    1. Make the navigation simple and easy
    2. Keep your logo top left
    3. Place your navigation top left
    4. Add search bar to your website
    5. Use breadcrumbs
    6. Use content that is simple and relative
    7. Use photos and images to enhance the text
    8. Make sure you have contact information
    9. Highlight and underline keywords
    10.Use responsive mobile website

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    User friendly website id the website in which it is easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily.
    Some of the essential characteristics of a user friendly website are:
    Mobile Compatibility
    Accessible to All Users
    Well Planned Information Architecture
    Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan
    Fast Load Times
    Browser Consistency
    Effective Navigation
    Good Error Handling
    Valid Mark-Up & Clean Code
    Contrasting Colour Scheme
    Usable Forms

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    a good content makes a website user friendly

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    Don't forget about website's design, it's also important. Make sure that there is a readable font on your website. By the way, have you seen it? -
    Awesome news from Templatemonster about a fonts category.

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