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Database server on all aspects of the system requirements are high, to deal with a large number of random I / O requests and data transfer, memory, disk and CPU computing power have certain requirements.
Memory, the database server needs large storage of high-speed memory to save the processor access to the hard disk time, improve the response speed of the server.
The database server is also demanding for processor performance. The database server needs to query on demand and then feed the results back to the user. Such as a large number of users at the same time when the query, if the server's processing power is not strong enough to handle a large number of query requests and make a response, then the server may be slow or even crash situation.
In the disk, the high-speed disk subsystem can also improve the speed of the database server query response, which requires the disk has a high-speed interface and speed, many large machines are gradually transition to HDD and SSD mixed use of the situation, this Help greatly enhance the disk I / O, reduce costs and energy consumption, improve ease of use.