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    What Type of Web Hosting is Best For You

    For me shared is all that I really need. As long as the company offers add on domains then I dont really see a need for a reseller or anything else. However once I have 10-20 sites together I may think about upgrading.

    What,s your view on this mates, please share ??

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    Dedicated Hosting is the best one because of its realistic features such as high Performance, speed, 99.9% network uptime, full DDOS protection & 100% Security.

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    If you can manage your server by your own then go with VPS or dedicated server. If you are not familiar with server setup then I would suggest go with reseller service where you can host the multiple sites and it will be managed by your hosing provider. You will have separate control panel for every site in reseller service.
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    The web hosting must be,
    1, shared hosting
    2, cloud hosting
    3, managed hosting for wordpress
    4, virtual private servers
    5, dedicated servers

    you can these kind of web hosting, that is good for you.

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    If shared hosting is all you currently need and have a decent plan with multiple domains/sub-domains, then stick with that. As you said when you start to get closer to hosting 20 sites, or if any of them start to see large traffic, especially if have lots of images or video on them, you will have to upgrade to a VPS Cloud Server. When choosing a company for VM hosting, look for company with vmware hosting and cPanel/WHM to make managing your server and different websites easy. There are a lot of vm hosting providers out there, so make sure to narrow down to those that have their VPS on true cloud and not just one dedicated server. Look for HA(high availability), server failover, & cloud VPS. Lastly, try to make sure you get a VDS(Virtual dedicated server) or VPS with its own dedicated operating system and full "root" or administrative access to have more control. Many virtual hosting providers now use software like Virtuozzo to have vServers share OS, but only be in separate containers. Good news is your should be able to start small for that many websites and scale as grow, so just rent VM server with 1 vCPU, a few GB RAM(2-4) and 40-100 GB disk space should do, but watch out for low limits on bandwidth transfer also, unmetered is the way to go.
    PS: Dedicated Servers are great for bigger resellers, with few hundred websites, but not at all necessary or even best option at this scale.
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    I'm a system administrator and have some small sites on shared hosting, some static sites on github pages, and blog on blogspot.
    If you have big sites, better to use VPS or dedicated server. Some things with linux administrating I create locally in VirtualBox or on google cloud platform instance.
    But if you don't know linux administrationn better to use shared hosting, it's cheaper and simple.

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    I think for now you can go for VPS and when you have more sites and huge traffic on the website, you can switch to dedicated server.

    Shared hosting will not be good according to me. That may increase your bounce rate of your site due to slow loading.

    So, in starting you can go for VPS and after you get enough traffic you can upgrade to dedicated server.

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    Opt for a vps if needed , with that you can resell reseller hosting and shared hosting as well

    However opt for managed vps if you are not good at the troubleshooting side

    Good luck
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    If you can handle your server by your own then go with VPS or devoted server. If you are not acquainted with server installation then I indicates go with supplier service where you can variety the several sites and it will be handled by your watering provider.

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