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    Why Dedicated Servers are preferred over Virtual and Shared Servers?

    Can anyone please clear about that why Dedicated Servers are preferred over Virtual and Shared Servers?

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    Dedicated servers are preferred as it is considered as your own separate server whereas the VPS and Shared Servers are shared with other websites. Dedicated servers are used for the website which has high traffic flow whereas VPS and Shared hosting is for the normal website.

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    That explanation above is somewhat inaccurate. Rather than trying to fix this, let me reply directly to the question:
    with both, a VPS and a dedicated server you have your own IP or IPs that no other customers share, and you have your own OS that you can tweak however needed (e.g. what version exactly, or you can customize how MySQL runs, what modules are running, etc.). Yes, the VPS is a virtual server only, which means you usually run more than one VPS on a dedicated server. However, many companies run single VPS on a dedicated server, for the simple reason that they can then backup the entire intstall, with the OS and all the specific OS settings, while with a dedicated server, one has to reinstall the OS, then the scripts or control panels, then restore the data from the backups (more complicated and less reliable *if* there are lots of customizations).
    See our comparative table (reseller hosting - VPS - dedicated Server):


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    Dedicated servers provide you with hosting on a server fully committed to your business needs and yours alone. This gives you the freedom of utilizing your server the way you prefer, not forgetting that memory, speed, bandwidth and other web resources are at your convenience and advantage.

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