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Thread: Bandwidth Issue

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    Question Bandwidth Issue

    What is the difference between burstable and dedicated bandwidth that hosting providers offer?

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    Burtstable bandwidth - This means you don't have any restriction on using the bandwidth. Your site can exceed the monthly limit but you will be charged on per GB bandwidth usage.

    Dedicated bandwidth - Your site will have the fixed value of monthly bandwidth allocated. You can't exceed the allocated limit.
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    Burstable-Could also be 95th percentile %(where company disregards top 5% of traffic) See more detailed explanation here. With this option you don't have to pay for going over traffic limits as long as average is within after throwing out top 5%.

    Dedicated-May have certain "amount" of total bandwidth for the month(Ex. 2, 5, or 10 TB) or like our data center does which I think is better option, restricts port "speed" to (Ex. 20, 40, 100 mbps) and this gives unmetered bandwidth, unless opt for burstability option w/ 95th %. So, basically dedicated is choosing a dedicated amount of bandwidth or set speed for server connection w/ traffic. Hope this clarifies better.
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    Bustable bandwidth means 95 percentile bandwidth. Example: If you have purchased certain amount of bandwidth, lets say 10mbps bustable and provider provides 10mbps bandwidth on 100mbps uplink, hence you will be having access upto 100mbps to use as and when required on certain instants (like at the time of uploads, downloads or any traffic increased for a day and so on).

    Whereas Dedicated bandwidth means it is limited to certain amount what you purchase. For example: If you purchase 10mbps dedicated then provider will give you 10mbps dedicated and you cannot use more then that. But within 10Mbps speed you can use unlimited bandwidth.

    Hope this helps you to understand better about bustable and dedicated bandwidth.

    Other than this bandwidth there is also limited bandwidth you can see around. For example you can see on any websites plans like 1TB bandwidth or more, in this case provider measures the bandwidth on there bustable uplinks.

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