We'd like to share the good news about hosting discounts and upgrades at Unihost.com

Get sweet discounts until September, 30:

* 10% for hosting - promo code: F-HS-H10
* 10% on VPS - promotional code: F-HS-V10
* 10 $ for all Servers - promo code: F-HS-10DED

Some news and upgrades:

* KVM VPS and OpenVZ VPS completely moved to a new structure on SSD disks - https://unihost.com/en/vps/kvm-vps/

* All Servers with Control panel for free now - https://unihost.com/en/dedicated/

* A new line of cheap servers from $17 - https://unihost.com/en/dedicated/che...cated-servers/

And yet, our basic administration is the premium for incredible money from others. We transfer, configure, monitor and solve problems for free.

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