Product: SERPScribe
Creators: Radu Hahaianu & Ben Murray
Price: $29.46 (SERPScribe Commercial)
Big Bonus: Yes, up to $1281
Refund: 30 days money back guarantee

SERPScribe is "one of kind" cloud based on SEO app that contains All-in-one solution you need for SEO. You can:

- Finding profitable keywords and Analyzing competitors easily
- Quickly creating unique, high quality articles
- Fully SEO optimizing your content
- Bulk Bubmitting to Wordpress
- Safely Backlinking with Authority Links.
- Building Powerful, but Safe Link Pyramids.

Besides, SERPScribe is built that "plays by Google rules" to really help your rank, so you don't have "play tricks to Google" but still make a lot of quality traffic

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