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10-05-2017, 03:06 PM
Sharktech dedicated servers (https://www.sharktech.net?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Providing the best DDOS protection since 2003.

We are pleased to offer the WHT community aggressively priced Intel servers: deployed with lots of RAM and the most stable disk drives on the market. All servers include 40 GBPS DDOS PROTECTION for FREE! These servers are backed by our 24/7/365 support and are connected at 1gbps to our in-house blend of premium network providers.


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Sharktech review (https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/sharktech-reviews/) - Rated 9 / 10 stars by expert Max Ostryzhko


Hot September Special!


Intel Dual Xeon E5-2670 - 16 threads @ 2.6 Ghz
10TB Monthly Bandwidth.
1000 Mbps Public Network Uplink
Up to /27 IPv4 Allocation (29 Usable IP addresses)
Free IPv6 allocation (select on order form)
DDoS Protected Network
Sharktech SECURE Management Platform
24/7/365 Support
This special is available in Los Angeles only.
Regularly Priced at $219/month

ORDER NOW: Dual Xeon E5-2620, 32GB RAM, 2x 2TB HDD - $197.10/month (https://secure.sharktech.net/helpdesk/cart.php?a=add&pid=414&promocode=40GISCY22N?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917) Use Promocode: 40GISCY22N


Need more?

We license Windows, cPanel, and DirectAdmin.
SSD disks and other hardware upgrades available.
DDOS mitigation can be upgraded for a nominal fee.
Additional IPs available
Unmetered and 100TB available

Need less?
Check our our VPS servers. (https://sharktech.net/virtual-private-servers.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)

All Sharktech dedicated servers come with:
* DDoS protected network - explained below
* Access to our global anycast network capable of more than 240Gbps traffic.
* BGP blend of GTT, Zayo, Comcast, Cogent, China Unicom, and China Telecom.
* Sharktech's SECURE management panel (https://www.sharktech.net?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
* FREE traffic between Sharktech datacenters
* FREE DNS service
* Your choice of any OS (some OSs, such as Windows, require a license or licensing fee.) Linux & FreeBSD are free.
* Free 24x7x365 support
* <15 minute guaranteed ticket response times
* Out of band (OOB) management interface (IPMI, DRAC, iLO)
* Premium, redundant all-Cisco network (AS46844 (www.cidr-report.org/cgi-bin/as-report?as=AS46844&v=4&view=2.0))

DDoS-Protected Network:
Sharktech has spent countless hours developing an in-house system that integrates with all of our services. This means that Sharktech does not rely on any third-parties and that Sharktech’s DDoS protection is highly customizable on a customer-to-customer basis. Using GRE, BGP and anycast technology, Sharktech can protect your dedicated server in any of our locations with on-site traffic scrubbing. DDoS attacks of all shapes and sizes are mitigated automatically, without your intervention. This service is included free of charge. DDOS protection is fully upgradable to 100gbps on the order form. Contact us for custom quotes larger than that. We can handle it!

Test IPs and download files for each of our 4 available locations!

Amsterdam, NL - More information (https://sharktech.net/la-data-center.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Test IP:
Test Download File: Test File (https://ams.sharktech.net/tools/speedtest/testfile100.zip)

Denver, CO - More information (https://sharktech.net/la-data-center.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Test IP:
Test Download File: Test File (https://denver.sharktech.net/tools/speedtest/testfile100.zip)

Chicago, IL - More information (https://sharktech.net/la-data-center.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Test IP:
Test Download File: Test File (https://chicago.sharktech.net/tools/speedtest/testfile100.zip)

Los Angeles, CA - More information (https://sharktech.net/la-data-center.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Test IP:
Test Download File: Test File (https://la.sharktech.net/tools/speedtest/testfile100.zip)

Perform other network tests such as reverse traceroutes using our looking glass (https://sharktech.net/looking-glass.php?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917).

Contact Information:

web: https://www.sharktech.net/ (https://www.sharktech.net/?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
e-mail: sales [at] Sharktech (dot) net
toll-free: 1-844-706-7383
international: +01-702-330-4776
live chat: available on our website! (https://www.sharktech.net/?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)

Sharktech dedicated servers (https://www.sharktech.net?utm_source=hd&utm_medium=advert&utm_content=dedicated&utm_campaign=0917)
Providing the best DDOS protection since 2003.