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11-08-2017, 10:41 AM
DDoS Protected Enterise Dedicated servers at affordable cost (20Gbps DDoS protection is FREE with all Dedicated servers).

Racks&Cloud Hosting Solutions is Enterprise Dedicated server provider. All of our dedicated servers are comes with 20Gbps DDoS protection and free IPMI and free /64 IPV6 and /29 IPV4 block.

We are introducing Premium DDoS protection upto 100Gbps to mitigate and stay online while getting attacks. Our premium DDoS protection plans is designed to protect our customers from various attacks like Denial of Service, Distributed Denial of Service, forging, malicious contents, spamming, phishing and any known attacks in industry. Our team is always researching about the security and implementing the new security techniques to our premium designed firewall setup. Our firewall's databases are daily updated to protect the our customer's servers from any newest attacks in the industry.

Adanced Features
Our premium designed DDoS protection is integrated with the RacksPanel and which provides you many features to customize for your desirable needs and we believe that every one needs different types of protection as per their applications running on the server. So we leave it you. This options is only for dedicated servers.

Premium Benefits
The major benefits of our premium DDoS protection settings is which allows to stay online while DDoS attacks going on and which didn't make you any revenue lost. Also, you do not need to worry about any charges due to bandwidth overage and latency while DDoS.

Attack History
We keep monitor the DDoS attacks to Racks&Cloud network and keep the logs which help us to provide you the history of DDoS attack happens to your IP. You can view all attack history from the RacksPanel and which help you to understand the type, length and other details of the attacks. So you can tweak the DDoS protection and your server firewall for maximum security and performance. This options is only for dedicated servers.

Premium Mitigation
Premium DDoS protection system will mitigate the DDoS upto 100Gbps by scrutinize all the connections coming to our network and dropping all malicious connection at the protection system and only clean connections will reach your server so the server will be free from DDoS attacks and it can stay online with out any issues.

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