View Full Version : Can webpage extension effects the SEO?

11-24-2017, 04:26 AM
Can webpage extension effects the SEO?

11-24-2017, 04:53 AM
Yes. .com is the best webpage extension for SEO purpose and search engine prefers .com for website ranking.

11-24-2017, 05:41 AM
When creating your website, the choice of your domain extension, or TLD, is important as it can impact your SEO performances. ... Features like domain-level keyword and domain extension have a low correlation to search rankings, but they still have. And they are still in front of social metrics like Twitter

11-24-2017, 05:41 AM
Yes, webpage extension effects the SEO of website.

11-24-2017, 05:53 AM
Does domain extensions affect SEO?
The choice of TLD is pretty wide, from extensions dedicated to countries, to ones for industry areas or catchy ones (like .pizza for instance!)
Site quality is still the first ranking factor and domain extensions won’t have any chance to be more important
Country extensions can be a smart choice if you are developing your business only in this country. It can favor your SEO strategy
Google has once again confirmed that the new domain extensions will offer no ranking advantage over traditional .com or .org domains. But let’s think it can have an indirect influence as we will see below
Moz study shows that .org extension works better than those like .edu or .biz and slightly higher than .com

11-24-2017, 06:09 AM
If you are talking about web page extension like .html, .aspx, .php then it does not have any effect on SEO. But if you are talking about domain extensions like .com, .co.in, co.uk, .fi, .jp then yes, it effect SEO at some extent. If you want to target global marketplace, you should always go with .com as it's common global commercial domain extension. while .co.uk, .co.in, .fi, .jp are mostly local extension related to a country which will not help you rank higher in search engines around the world.

07-02-2018, 01:55 AM
Yes, only SEO friendly website extensions help in better search engine ranking.

07-03-2018, 03:10 AM
d this week (January 2015) about a Croatian company that started on a .hr extension (highly local TLD), and then rebranded to a .net extension (had some issues), and then rebranded again to a .com extension.

07-03-2018, 05:26 AM
only user friendly websites make good search engine ranking...... Webpage extensions effects the seo