View Full Version : What is the main benefit of using Meta Description tag in SEO?

11-30-2017, 12:44 AM
What is the main benefit of using Meta Description tag in SEO?

11-30-2017, 01:25 AM
Benefits of Using Meta Description tag are:
1. Increases the Click-Through Rates.
2. Higher Rankings.
3. Helps Search Engines Categorize WebPages.

11-30-2017, 03:52 AM
Meta description plays a very important role to increase CTR (Click Through Rate). If your web page has an attractive meta description, then you have more chances to engage the visitors on Google SERP. Google doesn't give any value to meta description, but if you don't want to leave any change to engage the visitor, then you must wright simple, attractive and informative meta description for your every web page.

11-30-2017, 05:43 AM
In SEO, meta description is very essential because it helps users and web crawlers to understand the content of the webpage of a website.

11-30-2017, 07:51 AM
Benefits Of Using Keyword In Title Tag In Seo Rankings

Increases the Click-Through Rates
Higher Rankings
Search Engines Categorize Web-Pages

11-30-2017, 11:41 PM
What is the main benefit of using Meta Description tag in SEO?

Strange! You have almost 200 posts and now asking for benefit of meta description tag so lately?

12-01-2017, 12:41 AM
Meta description is used to summarize the web page contents. The limit is 160 characters. It used to provide the details to visitor that what the page is about. When some one search for the phrase that time, meta description is displayed in the search result in the search engine.

Your meta description should be matched with the contents on the web page content. It should have the focus keyword. It should be unique.

12-01-2017, 12:45 AM
What is the main benefit of using Meta Description tag in SEO?

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page's content; the meta tags don't appear on the page itself, but only in the page's code. We all know tags from blog culture, and meta tags are more or less the same thing, little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about.

12-01-2017, 01:27 AM
When properly optimized for audiences, meta descriptions receive more clicks. More users choose the result because they can clearly see that it offers what they need.

12-01-2017, 02:30 AM
The meta description tag serves the function of advertising copy. It draws readers to a website from the SERP, and thus is a very visible and important part of search marketing. Crafting a readable, compelling description using important keywords can improve the click-through rate for a given webpage.

12-01-2017, 04:33 AM
Meta Description is the main part of any website which describe the website or webpage. It help search engine to find the website easily.

12-01-2017, 04:35 AM
Meta descriptions help improve your click-through rates along with relevant title tag

12-01-2017, 05:02 AM
The title tag and the meta description tags should include keywords relevant to the content of the web page they describe. This helps Search Engines understand what the page is about and index your web pages accordingly for relevant keywords or keyword phrases.

12-01-2017, 05:14 AM
Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise summaries of web pages. They commonly appear underneath the blue clickable links in a search engine results page (SERP).

12-05-2017, 09:10 AM
In SEO, meta description tag is an essential On-Page SEO element and it helps users and web crawlers in defining the content of the webpage or a website.