View Full Version : PBN Back links ??

Lone Star
01-01-2018, 05:05 AM
What are PBN back links ? Is it a safe technique ?? Please explain in detail

01-01-2018, 05:41 AM
PBN stands for Private Blog Network is a network of authoritative websites used to build links for the purpose of ranking in the Google search engine.

01-02-2018, 02:53 AM
PBN remains for Private Blog Network is a system of legitimate sites used to assemble joins to rank in the Google internet searcher.

01-02-2018, 02:55 AM
PBN means Private Blog Network to build more backlinks to the website for ranking it fast on the SERP but this is risky and dangerous now and it is considered as a Black Hat SEO, so be careful if you are doing such thing.