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01-03-2018, 05:45 AM
Uses of Google Analytics in SEO..

01-04-2018, 12:41 AM
Google Analytics is a website reporting tool. It generates the report of website traffic, where users are from, how much time a user spent on the website, age groups of users, system, os, device etc.

Rajdeep Bose
01-04-2018, 12:57 AM
analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a Web site. The use of Web analytics is said to enable a business to attract more visitors, retain or attract new customers for goods or services, or to increase the dollar volume each customer spends. Web analytic software can also be used to monitor whether or not a site's pages are working properly. With this information, Web site administrators can determine which areas of the site are popular and which areas of the site do not get traffic.

01-04-2018, 02:08 AM
Uses of Google Analytics in SEO..

Too deep to explain in short. Would suggest you too Google it instead or yet better option. Hire an SEO Company.

01-04-2018, 02:12 AM
Google Analytics tool is the free tool it gives all details about all visitors' behaviors and activities for your website. You can track visitor by country, city; you can categorize visitors for using devices like mobile, desktop, by age, by interests; you can see also which pages are performing well, from which pages users leave everything you can track. This is very helpful for building your next new strategy for your business.

01-04-2018, 03:03 AM
Google Analytics Solutions offer free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights.SEO stand for search engine optimization, a process to increase traffic and popularity of the website, and increase position in search engine on relevant searching. SEO is the natural and organic way to increase the visibility of the websites on the search engines results

01-04-2018, 05:18 AM
Google Analytics is a SEO tool which is used to monitor website live traffic. It is an essential tool to utilize to measure the bounce rate, flow of traffic, audience etc.

01-04-2018, 07:25 AM
Google analytics used to collect your website traffic and keep the reports of it. It is free service provided by the Google. It is nothing but Java script code. You will need to sign-in to Google analytics account for enabling the service.

01-07-2018, 09:31 PM
Google analytics is best way to check your website traffic.

01-08-2018, 03:45 AM
Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to track information about the way visitors to your site interact with it. Some benefits of using Google Analytics during an optimization campaign:

1. It is completely free of charge.
2. Able to find out how your visitors locate your website.
3. Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.
4. Visitor segmentation.
5. Able to fine tune your website.

01-12-2018, 05:00 AM
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