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When it comes to blog and web site hosting, you have a lot of options. You can go with a free solution or a paid solution, either way you are going to have a wide range of solutions to choose from. At the end of the day, itís about finding a service that caters to your needs and offers the functionality and reliability that you need for your site ó whether that be for fun or professionally.
Free web hosting is one of the best options to start your blog/site without spending money. Either you can purchase a domain or choose free sub-domain of there site (Ex: yourname.CompanyName.com)
Free web hosting means you do not have to pay for hosting to host your website/blog. They provide free hosting service to host your domain in their host without paying anything. free hosting providers Provide you completely Free Disk space for your storing you're dreamy website . You can say, they are same like Godaddy or any pro hosting But free hosting are limited in Web Space, Bandwidth and also they are slow in performance.
GBfreeHosting is free web host for everyone either you use Personal or Commercial purpose. Here you can host your own purchased domain name like (xyz.com) or Choose Free sub-domain thats completly Free of Cost. GBfreeHosting provides 1000+ professional Template for the commercial or personal project.If you really want to host your website with No Ads Hosting then you can choose best and well reputed Hosting Provider.
Googiehost offers the perfect tools to help you create a free website. if you'and don'tor student and don't have much money for paid Hosting. then you can chose Best Free hosting for Student and Newbie GoogieHost. they help 100's of web designers, students, and small businesses get their websites up and running every year. Using cPanel makes life easier for website owners, offering powerful tools to help you perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. Get absolutely free cPanel hosting. Control your website using free cPanel control panel and special free web hosting website admin features.We provide unlimited free hosting with high-performance stable servers, Free Hosting No Ads , cPanel x3, Unlimited Disk space, unlimited bandwidth.
According to 2freehosting.com, Over 595000+ Websites Hosted on its server. Really it is having a huge user. This is the best alternatives of other free web hosting provider. They provide free Unlimited No ads hosting for all over the world. 2Freehosting offer cheap hosting without paying single penny from your pocket.

Go for Blogspot if you want to start Best Free Host and Domain without showing any Ads on your website. If you want to become pro and expert in blogging, it is recommended to go with Custom Domain and Self Hosting.In free domain youíll have a sub-domain only. not a custom domain. For example if you take free domain from Blogger.com - Create a unique and beautiful blog. Itís easy and free. you domain will be like DOMAIN.BLOGSPOT.COM it looks bit unprofessional. and it is always recommended to go with custom blog.

As you said you want to write on different articles. If you can write good then make yourself a brand name. Domain costs less than 150rs. And coming to hosting you can host on Blogspot. No issues with it. You wanted to start AD FREE BLOG, then blogger is perfect choice. undoubtedly go with it.

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