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04-07-2018, 03:28 AM
Most of you may have experienced that no matter what you do, you are not getting desired results in search engine. It may be possible that till now you are following wrong steps in SEO (https://www.redlook.in/search-engine-optimization.html) or the other reason may be that your competitors are quite stronger than you. As the competition grows, you also have to grow with them to be in competition with them.

Monitoring your competitor's success and failure can help you to understand your own website. Even if your niche, isn't that competitive, you will only win if you study your competitors.

Competitors are those which are showing up in search engine results for your keywords. Identifying your competitors isn't easy. There may be many websites ranking well for your keywords which you are using. But keeping track on all the websites isn't possible. Perform a search with Google about your target keywords and make a list of the sites/companies that pop high in the search results and then finalised the top listing websites. Those will be your competitive sites.

After finalising your competitors you have to analyse their websites. You should understand their designing, amount of content used, quality of the content. These are basic site analysing steps which will provide lot of information about your competition's Web presence.

As we know inserting right keywords is a major factor in SEO process (https://www.redlook.in/search-engine-optimization.html). Try understanding the keywords your competitor uses and their searches.

Back links are the other backbone of good SEO rankings. You need to examine the back links of the competitors. Find out from where they receive back links. Look for the number of back links they are getting. They mostly be getting back links from popular sites as they are ranking so well.

Social Media is responsible for bringing high traffic to the website. You have to keep check on Social media too to understand your competitor. Have a look at some of the major social bookmarking sites to see if your competitors have posts there and how popular those posts are. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are trending social sites from where you can drive great traffic.

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Nice information.

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Yes, we have to do competitors analysis to check their backlinks & content quality.