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05-30-2018, 01:38 AM
What is cloaking?

05-30-2018, 01:56 AM
Cloaking is a technique used to deliver the content on a Web page to a search engine in such a way that different content than what is delivered to a regular human user appears on the search engine.

05-30-2018, 06:26 AM
Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which the content or information presented to the user is different from that presented to search engine crawlers (i.e. spiders or bots) for better indexing. In other words, the web server is specially programmed to return different content to search engines than it returns to regular users, in an attempt to distort search engine rankings. The Search engine may permanently ban from our index any sites or site authors that engage in cloaking.

05-30-2018, 07:28 AM
Cloaking is a form of the doorway page technique. Cloaking is often used as a spam indexing technique to try to trick search engines into giving the relevant site a higher ranking.

05-30-2018, 07:39 AM
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What is cloaking?