View Full Version : Managed hosting on cloud for PHP based Websites with $15 free credit

07-17-2018, 07:07 AM
If you are looking to get your website hosted on cloud infrastructures, like AWS, Google cloud, DigitalOcean, etc. then you must have some sysadmin skills. To setup cloud server, you must know how to install stack and configure it with your website. This is a time taking process and you need to have technical expertise to manage the servers. If you don't want to spend time on managing the server or don't have technical expertise for that, then you should go with managed hosting providers.

You can try out Cloudways PaaS for managed hosting for PHP (https://www.cloudways.com/en/php-cloud-hosting.php) based applications. The platform lets users host websites in few clicks on managed servers on top of cloud infrastructures. This means users can host PHP sites on managed aws, managed google cloud server, etc.

To host a PHP sites, users have to login to the platform, select PHP from the dropdown, select their desired infrastructure provider and server size, select desired data center location and click launch. The platform will automatically setup and configure the server with stack and other packages.

The platform is offering $15 free credit on signup. Signup is free.