View Full Version : Tools for running a successful Data Center / Colocation business

07-17-2018, 08:03 AM
To help your Data Center / Colocation company succeed you may need various tools to help you with various aspects of your business. As a comprehensive and versatile platform HostBill can help you with IP & Inventory management, Monitoring, Resource Billing and much more!

Apart from core features that HostBill offers (automation and provisioning, ticketing, support, client management), Data Center companies can benefit from the range of features developed with Data Center industry in mind such as bandwidth billing, power circuit billing or extensive graphing options, to help them sell and manage Bare Metal and Dedicated servers.
HostBill has also developed a range of modules designed specifically for Data Center industry to improve the efficiency in managing the infrastructure.

Colocation Manager is an extremely rich-featured tool that can help to organize and automate the colocation, bill for bandwidth, control hardware and more - https://hostbillapp.com/feature/colocation-manager-overview/

IPAM (IP Address Manager) is designed to organize, track and sell unlimited number of IP addresses within your organization - https://hostbillapp.com/feature/ipam-ip-address-manager-overview/

Inventory Manager helps to keep track of every single item the company owns and sells and categorize assets into main categories / item types. It enables Data Center companies to create their own structures and manage/resell any asset like software, licenses, hardware, services - https://hostbillapp.com/feature/inventory-manager-overview/

HostBill also lets you use your existing technology investments, without the need of investing additional funds into other tools, apps or hardware. Simply put HostBill can combine and integrate any technology that you already use and let you manage all your operations from a single, simple to use and efficient platform.

You can learn more at https://hostbillapp.com/