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09-05-2005, 10:22 PM
:D HostCaters.com Web Hosting - Celebrating 6 Years!

Are you tired of hopping from one host to another OR simply unhappy with your current host?

Hop on board HostCaters.com! We are celebrating 6 years in the web hosting industry and we are offering some great discounts on ALL plans. We think you will be happy with HostCaters and we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee of our services. Most clients have been with us well over 3 years. We stand behind our services and offer excellent support and we do respond PROMPTLY to our client needs! We're reliable. Heres what clients have to say: www.hostcaters.com/kudos.html

We offer plans from 30MB-325MB - 2-8GB BW per month (sufficient for most websites!)
All HostCaters.com accounts come with a STABLE and RELIABLE control panel (not cPanel!) We use the Alabanza control panel which is properiety software and our clients love it. Every account receives their own dedicated I.P. AND PLENTY OF FEATURES. http://www.hostcaters.com/aplans.html
Our control panel:

To celebrate our 6 years we are offering our Pay6 Get12 special on ANY plan we offer. No setup fees, simply pay 6 months hosting fees and receive our 12 month contract, AND we'll lock your price in. Choose your plan! http://www.hostcaters.com/sixyear.html
WAIT, thats not all! As an ADDED BONUS, all 6for12 accounts receive SiteXPRESS.

Whats SiteXPRESS? A powerful, NO HTML required editor with over 300 templates and 30 categories! YOU receive SiteXPRESS absolutely FREE with your choice on the 6for12 plan! SiteXPRESS normally retails for 4.95 per month additional to any hosting plan.
A 10 day free trial IS still available with SiteXPRESS (no hosting account required) For more info:

Paste this code into our order form in the comments box: 6YR- 6for12Xpress

Questions, comments or concerns? Please contact us via email or live chat