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11-23-2009, 07:17 AM
At Natcoweb we provide a VPS solution based on Xen. It gives us a possibility to allocate CPU resources to VPSes fairly according to the
tariff plans. In the Xen default Credit-Based CPU scheduler the "weight" value, according to which the scheduler will distribute CPU resources, can be assigned to each virtual machine. Imagine a VPS with a weight of 512 get twice as much CPU as a VPS with a weight of 256. Also the Credit-Based scheduler can set limit on CPU share of VPS in percentage of one physical CPU. Let's say on one ypervisor two VPS can use 25% of CPU each and third will use 50%. And at last a dedicated CPU core can be allocated to VPS through vcpu-pin option. To sum it all up, Natcoweb provides VPS with guaranteed and not overcommitted CPU, RAM and HDD resources.

To get Dedicated Resources, Order Natcoweb VPS Services Now!

Bronze Plan
Guaranteed RAM 256Mb
CPU 25% of CPU Core
Disk Space 15Gb
Data Transfer 250Gb
Price $24.95

Order Now! (http://www.natcoweb.com/linux_vps.html)

Silver Plan
Guaranteed RAM 512Mb
CPU 50% of CPU Core
Disk Space 30Gb
Data Transfer 500Gb
Price $38.95

Order Now! (http://www.natcoweb.com/linux_vps.html)

Golden Plan
Guaranteed RAM 1Gb
CPU 100% of CPU Core
Disk Space 60Gb
Data Transfer 750Gb
Price $74.95

Order Now! (http://www.natcoweb.com/linux_vps.html)

Platinum Plan

Guaranteed RAM 2Gb
CPU 100% of CPU Core
Disk Space 120Gb
Data Transfer 1000Gb
Price $89.95

Order Now! (http://www.natcoweb.com/linux_vps.html)

Each account includes

Full Root Access
Domains unlimited
Cpanel Or Dedikit
1 IP address
Payment Options- PayPal, Credit Card, wire transfer
Additional IP addresses can be bought at the price $1.00/IP
30-day moneyback guarantee
Same day setup
Secure datacenter environment

What OS can be used inside virtual machines?
Debian and Centos Linux OS

What control panels does Natcoweb offer to VPS hosting clients?
Cpanel and Dedikit™

When it’s time to upgrade to VPS?
Whenever you site needs have outgrown shared hosting, but dedicated server is still an overkill for you, VPS-hosting service is the best option. Go for VPS if you need to install and configure any applications you want, say PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. VPS could be a cost-effective solution for backup and file storage.

What virtualization technology is used for Natcoweb VPS services?

We use Xen paravirtualization technology which has much of the dedicated server behavior. Xen differs from OpenVZ/Vserver/FreeVPS, as it creates a separate virtual machine with its own OS, kernel, guaranteed CPU and RAM resources, but has much lower overhead than virtualization technologies with full hardware emulation such as VMWare, VirtualBox, Qemu, etc.

What’s included into Natcoweb virtual private hosting support services?
Initial server setup, free server monitoring, and site bandwidth statistics

What’s essential to consider when choosing a VPS plan?
When choosing a VPS plan, consider the amount of dedicated RAM and CPU.

About Natcoweb

With so much overselling and playing with bandwidth and hardware quality in the industry these days, it's hard to find a dedicated and reputable hosting provider. We pride ourselves on providing first-rate services and still being profitable.
Our privately-owned equipment, the network of IP addresses registered to Natcoweb, and direct agreements with the premium bandwidth providers create all the possible conditions for the best performance of clients' projects with Natcoweb.
Another strong point of Natcoweb is flexibility in approaching customer's need and high scalability available for all customers' solutions. We can deliver any server cofiguration provided by Supermicro today.
We monitor our clients' servers even if customers don't order management services from Natcoweb and send alerts in case any need arises.

To order or ask your questions:
email sales@natcoweb.com
phone 1.6462333035
AIM sales@natcoweb.com

11-23-2009, 11:38 AM
I noticed 100% CPU at one of the plans... I wonder how can it be possible if VPS are divisions of the dedicated server?

Thank you.

04-23-2010, 11:26 PM
Usually VPS hosts are able to move you to other nodes via a control panel quite easily.

No compensation so to speak, unless they offer it. If they have a refund policy you can ask for a refund depending on your situation. Also downtime can happen on managed and unmanaged services - its just the network or hardware. I have had unmanaged VPS in the past with no downtime.

03-07-2016, 09:22 PM
i use VPS hots is best