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11-06-2018, 04:17 AM
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what is latent semantic indexing?

11-07-2018, 09:29 PM
Latent semantic indexing, sometimes referred to as latent semantic analysis, is a mathematical method developed in the late 1980s to improve the accuracy of information retrieval. It uses a technique called singular value decomposition to scan unstructured data within documents and identify relationships between the concepts contained therein.

In essence, it finds the hidden (latent) relationships between words (semantics) in order to improve information understanding (indexing).

It provided a significant step forward for the field of text comprehension as it accounted for the contextual nature of language.

Earlier technologies struggled with the use of synonyms that characterizes natural language use, and also the changes in meanings that come with new surroundings.

For example, the words ‘hot’ and ‘dog’ may seem easy to understand, but both have multiple definitions based on how they are used. Put both of them together and you have a whole new concept altogether.

11-08-2018, 12:15 AM
LSI is a “mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content”.

The easiest way to define it is to think about how some keywords are related to your main chosen keywords.

11-08-2018, 02:26 AM
LSI is best search engine optimization trick to find the best possible keywords for your business.

11-08-2018, 03:58 AM
Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text.

11-08-2018, 09:32 AM
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a mathematical method used to determine the relationship between terms and concepts in content. The contents of a webpage are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page.

11-09-2018, 02:25 AM
Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an ordering and recovery strategy that utilizes a scientific method called particular esteem deterioration (SVD) to recognize designs in the connections between the terms and ideas contained in an unstructured gathering of content.

11-13-2018, 01:55 AM
LSI keywords stand for (Latent Semantic Indexing) those keywords which semantically related to your primary keywords, google doesn’t accept repeated keywords more than 5 to 6 % of your main keywords otherwise it will consider keyword stuffing and it will decrease your ranking in search engine, you can use its similar keywords of your main keywords in your content.