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11-08-2018, 11:04 AM

Iím representing dhosting.com which is a new startup on the world market comprised of an international team of industry veterans full of webhosting enthusiast. We have introduced the product called the Dynamic Edge which combines all the advantages both of cloud computing and shared hosting, without the shortcomings of the two systems. Dynamic Edge is a truly scalable hosting packet that grows with the users needs without him ever having to interfere or contact support. As the name suggest the product dynamically allocates resources where, and when they are needed, at the exact time they are needed, without the need from outside intervention. What is important is having an option to scale your site as it grows, and requires more resources, like more processing power, and RAM for all your interactive content or more space for your images and files. What you get is a basic package which is already quite robust already with 1 GHz CPU power 1 GB RAM 50 GB SSD. These values can reach even up to 24 GHz, 64GB RAM, 1000 GB SSD with auto scaling enabled. This means that you donít have to sacrifice anything to fit within a set package, as well as you donít have to worry about managing any of these resources. Furthermore you are only charged for what you actually use as auto scaling algorithm calculates all the resources consumed on an hourly basis. Due to the specific form in which our Dynamic Edge works it eliminates the necessity of switching to a VPS service as your grow.

We created dhosting.com with a long term goal of providing the best hosting for high-flying projects. With that in mind we are planning to create the best product to fit all your needs on the dynamically developing webspace. We can be certain to achieve this because of the amount of projects we have been involved in at the same time learning about all the shortcomings of existing products.

We have been entrusted by thousands of users and managed to gain a lot of attention by providing a unique product in an otherwise stagnant market. According to our testing we have a hosting service that can manage the most connected users at one time, even on the most frequently visited websites.

After extensive testing of our service, as well as others currently available on the market our participants have determined that we are the best company offering shared hosting on the market in terms of the amount of simultaneous connections we can sustain, ours scalability of resources, and competitive pricing.. We want to continue to extensively test our service, and for this we require 5 more people to help us with testing our service. The requirements are that you must have big or popular website with a lot of frequent visitors. This will include offering our service for free to those 5 chosen people. This will help us in creating a case study of our hosting performance under real world conditions.