View Full Version : What is the most important thing to look for when doing keyword research?

11-10-2018, 12:49 PM
What is the most important thing to look for when doing keyword research?

11-11-2018, 11:37 AM
For keyword research & analysis, we have to check keywords competition & suggested bids.

11-12-2018, 12:59 AM
It depends on your goals and what you’re going for. For example, if you simply want to achieve brand recognition, search volume would be important. If you’re looking to build a niche website, search volume and competition would be important.

11-12-2018, 01:11 AM
What is the most important thing to look for when doing keyword research?

keyword competition and searches!

11-12-2018, 01:19 AM
First to Judge the Value of a Keyword.
Search for the term/phrase in the major engines
Using the data you’ve collected, determine the exact value of each keyword

11-14-2018, 01:21 AM
Keywords Research is the most important part of the SEO, you have to choose it carefully Because right keywords bring to you the high ranking and visitors on the site.
first of all, you should choose targeted Location like Country, state, the city where you want traffic on your site.
always use Google Keywords Planner Tool for Keyword Research, it would give you Real data. always choose business or service related keywords.
Focus on the Monthly searches keywords, choose that keywords which are searched most by users on monthly basis.
The second thing is to see Competition on the keywords, Bid of the keywords also important. you should care about all.

11-14-2018, 07:17 AM
In keyword analysis we have to focus on length of keyword that is either a longtail or a short tail, also have to check searches and competition for that keyword.

11-14-2018, 07:47 AM
There few things We have to notice that when We Analysis or Research with Keywords. They are Suggested Bids, Search Volume, Long Tail Keywords and It should related with your Website & Target Keywords.

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11-14-2018, 08:08 AM
Long tailed keywords with less saturated niche is always my first preference in keyword research.

11-14-2018, 08:44 AM
Keywords search and competition and also look locality.