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11-28-2018, 05:42 AM
What method to control the robot?

MVM Infotech
12-04-2018, 11:12 PM
A robot must have a control system to operate its drive system, which is used to move the arm, wrist, and body of a robot at various paths. When different industrial robots are compared with their control system, they can be divided into four major types. They are: Limited Sequence Robots

12-04-2018, 11:41 PM
My question is: can we actually control robot?

12-05-2018, 01:01 AM
We can control the robots via 3 methods which are:
1. Robots.txt
2. Robots Meta Tag
3. Rel no-follow

12-05-2018, 01:04 AM
What method to control the robot?

you can use the robots.txt file to give instructions to robots which file to crawl and which not.

12-14-2018, 09:46 AM
You have to edit your robots.txt file & upload it to server to fix the indexing issues. https://click2drive.com/

01-15-2019, 02:02 AM
Tethered The easiest way to control a robot is using a handheld controller connected physically to the robot using wires or a cable. Wireless Infrared transmitters and receivers are used to cut the cables connecting the robot to the user.

01-16-2019, 02:27 AM
Simple, use the robots.txt file on your website.

01-16-2019, 04:21 AM
What method to control the robot?

Robots.txt can help you :)

01-16-2019, 06:09 AM
Really impressive, Thanks for share such knowledge.