View Full Version : Server Hunter - Trouble finding the perfect server?

01-04-2019, 05:36 PM
We understand how complex it is to find a server provider, especially when you have certain requirements such as Bitcoin payment, DDoS protection, Native IPv6, etc. This is why we’ve launched Server Hunter. Now you can easily browse and filter through 10,000+ virtual and dedicated servers from hundreds of providers across the globe.

Since we only just launched our new design, we really need your feedback to improve our website. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make the website easier to use.

Check it out here: https://www.serverhunter.com/

Thanks! :)

01-24-2019, 09:58 PM
We've added a few more features and offers to Server Hunter the past week. If you want to be the first to know, check out the #changelog channel on our Discord(https://discord.gg/t7FSVkb). It's also the best place for questions and suggestions. :)

Changelog for this week:
- Newlines in reviews are now preserved: [https://s.woet.me/BaH4sVeoft.png](https://s.woet.me/BaH4sVeoft.png)
- You can now open reviews straight away: [https://s.woet.me/sShRB1xaYy.png](https://s.woet.me/sShRB1xaYy.png)
- Added badges for Annual billing and NAT IPv4: [https://s.woet.me/y83QZD9gxN.png](https://s.woet.me/y83QZD9gxN.png)
- Introduced the "BGP Sessions" feature: [https://serverhunter.com/?search=8D3-001-C2C](https://www.serverhunter.com/?search=8D3-001-C2C)
- Created a separate page for writing reviews: [https://serverhunter.com/review/](https://www.serverhunter.com/review/)
- Improved the search results on mobile devices: [https://s.woet.me/EoPl9rodIc.PNG](https://s.woet.me/EoPl9rodIc.PNG)
- Made text searches a lot more powerful: [https://s.woet.me/yFZOo4DL35.png](https://s.woet.me/yFZOo4DL35.png)
- Added AWS Lightsail: [https://serverhunter.com/?search=C79-12B-732](https://www.serverhunter.com/?search=C79-12B-732)
- Added i3D: [https://serverhunter.com/?search=E61-798-6FA](https://www.serverhunter.com/?search=E61-798-6FA)
- Added Psychz Networks: [https://serverhunter.com/?search=8D3-001-C2C](https://www.serverhunter.com/?search=8D3-001-C2C)
- Switched servdiscount to our new API system: [https://serverhunter.com/?search=A33-D68-10B](https://www.serverhunter.com/?search=A33-D68-10B)

Don't forget, you can still join our giveaway(https://www.serverhunter.com/giveaway/) to win a 5-6 GB KVM VPS for an entire year. Just write a review(https://www.serverhunter.com/review/) about your (least) favorite provider to instantly earn 5 entries!

As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to make the site more useful. :D