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03-01-2019, 07:49 AM
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I Want to Know That What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)..?

03-01-2019, 08:06 AM
AMP is an important step of on-page SEO optimization.

03-02-2019, 04:36 AM
Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard for publishers. The aim for AMP is for publishers to be able to load their sites quickly on mobile since mobile responsive might be clunky and slow as a result of desktop resources are heavy and plenty.

03-03-2019, 11:15 PM
The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is a website publishing technology developed by Google as a competitor to Facebook's Instant Articles.

03-04-2019, 01:43 AM
AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages.” It is an Open Source Framework that was launched as a joint initiative by Google and several other technology and publishing companies. With AMP, it is possible to create simple mobile websites that load almost instantly.