View Full Version : How did you learn SEO?

03-05-2019, 01:58 AM
How did you learn SEO?

03-06-2019, 12:10 AM
First be prepare for content. increase the communication skills.

03-06-2019, 01:29 AM
Offline & online! it depends on your interest which you choose.

03-06-2019, 02:28 PM
We learn SEO techniques from online marketing blogs.

03-06-2019, 02:41 PM
I mostly read blogs on SEO, but eventually had to go subscribe to courses to get the most valuable information.

One of the best seo courses is SEO that works, from Brian Dean.
If you are serious about SEO you have to learn from him.

03-07-2019, 03:49 AM
Build a website, WordPress will do. Pick a subject/sector and try to get it to rank following best practices. Moz.com is a great place to find a basic guide to executing SEO elements. Note what works and what doesn't. It's a long road but if you can get it to work for yourself you can then get it to work for others. This is basically how I got started 17 years ago.