View Full Version : Get up to 4 months FREE! Plans @ US$6.66/month! (1.2GB to 3.5GB)

09-22-2005, 07:55 AM
Vantage Host Network (set up in 2004) offers one and all with a chance to get hosted free of charge for up till 4 months!

Clients that sign up via PayPal automatically get 60 days of hosting free for all plans and 120 days free for annual fees. Plans from US$6.66 a month (after 120 days deduction and based on annual fees collected)

We also will throw in a free .com/.net or .org domain, absolutely free of charge for new registrations!

Our servers (15 of them) run on Dual Opteron AMD 64 bit chips, 2GB ECC RAM, Dual 120 IDE Hard drives and have direct connectivity to MCI/UUnet, Savvis/Cable & Wireless, and NTT/Verio.

All plans come with addon domains!

Plans range from the following
1200MB to 3500MB
25GB to 100GB monthly transfers
50GB Off-shore disaster recovery LAN backup
4 to 10 Addon domains
Daily/Weekly/Monthly backups
Unlimited sub domains
Unlimited POP3 e-mails
Unlimited e-mail aliases
IP-Floodguard installed on ALL accounts
Fantastico and much more!

Visit Vantage Host Network (http://www.vantagehost.net) today! - Making headway for your site!