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05-01-2019, 03:39 AM
Hello friends,

What are the common SEO mistakes?

05-01-2019, 03:45 AM
People submit their website to low quality website. and unethical techniques to rank faster that's the most common mistake.

05-01-2019, 06:44 AM
Link farming and building PBN

05-02-2019, 04:04 AM
spam work
duplicate content

05-03-2019, 05:43 AM
people always tend to buy low quality link.

05-03-2019, 06:18 AM
1. Duplicate content
What is duplicate content? Duplicate content in the context of SEO, means the same content appearing in more than one webpage (URL) within same or different domain (web site). The most common problem with duplicate content is that search engines can’t decide which content to index, eventually not showing this web page in search results.

2. Forgotten about content marketing
Don’t expect that your hired SEO team will make your website traffic take off significantly just with onsite optimisation, link building and without any content strategy in place.

3. Many things in the SEO world have changed drastically, especially for the last couple of years when content has started to play a critical role in determining whether your SEO or digital marketing campaign is successful or not. Any SEO strategy without content marketing in place should not be considered. The days that SEO agencies build hundreds of backlinks on directories, social book marketing sites, blog comments and forum comments pointing to a static website are well and truly over.3. Poor site structure
Often when building a new website, your web developer doesn’t integrate best SEO practices into the website structure. This is totally understandable because the web developer is not an SEO specialist. Therefore an overlooked facet of site architecture (in other words, the way the website is laid out and how the pages connect to each other) is fairly common.

I would argue it’s the single most underrated area of SEO.

4. Don’t have a mobile site design for multiple screens
Google is now taking into consideration the mobile when ranking websites. Here are some other facts to keep in mind about the importance of a mobile site

61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to jump to a competitor’s website (Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2012 via IAB)
According to a recent Herald Sun report, smartphone users in Australia will reach 12.2 million in 2013.
Traffic coming from mobile devices from websites I have managed is now at an average of 25% and it is still going upwards.

5. Unreasonable SEO expectations
SEO isn’t easy, fast, or cheap. Gone are the days of scalable, easy tactics that exploited loopholes in the algorithms.

Another thing, there is a widely-held belief that SEO is all about rankings on a certain keywords. I don’t totally agree with this, let me show you why.

6. Hiring a crappy SEO consultant
I hate to say it, but this is still one of the most common SEO mistakes I see business owners making.

Whether it’s because you don’t want to (or can’t) allocate the resources or because your SEO agency/consultant is lazy, incompetent, out-of-date, or just taking you for a ride, hiring an SEO that isn’t on his or her game is the most dangerous SEO mistake of all.

05-03-2019, 06:21 AM
Optimizing content around one keyword.
Neglecting dated content.
Forgetting mobile users.
Not optimizing for site speed.
Serving up hard-to-read blocks of content.

05-03-2019, 07:04 AM
Some of doing the most common mistakes in SEO, such as
1. submitting the duplicate content
2. using black hat seo
3. poor structure
4. submit their website in low-quality website etc..

05-03-2019, 07:50 AM
low quality links is the worst mistake a beginner will make.

05-03-2019, 11:18 AM
According to me targetting wrong keywords, using duplicate content. Also if you have internal website links that are broken or not working.