View Full Version : How does one write an SEO proof article?

05-16-2019, 01:53 AM
How does one write an SEO proof article?

05-16-2019, 02:50 AM
Here they are:

Choose a keyword. This is a word or phrase that you want to show up on the first page of search engines results.
Write a good title.
Include the keyword(s) in the URL.
Mention the keyword early in the page.
Link to other pages on your website, using anchor text.
Have other websites link to your page.

05-16-2019, 04:35 AM
Optimize your keywords in the content and write your content point wise.

05-16-2019, 05:43 AM
Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase web page visibility and traffic for a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. Writing an article using Search Engine Optimization requires good writing skills to make the article interesting and easy to read. Strategic placement of key phrases and keywords in the text and the inclusion of hyperlinks will boost the readership of your page.