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12-25-2009, 01:35 PM
My name is Jon Felosi, I have over 4+ years experience in the hosting business. I successfully owned and operated secureservertech.com for over 3 years before selling the company. I am now seeking server management and administration work. My expertise is security and ddos but there is nothing I cannot do or figure out in a nix system. I am very experienced dealing with customers, support tickets and even phone support. Litespeed webserver is also an area where I am known to be an expert, I have been working with litespeed web server nearly since it came out. This is one of my other strong abilities.

As far as my level of abilities I would consider myself much higher above average then the run of the mill admin. I am used to running my own servers, setting up new servers and overall management of a hosting company. I would be a very valuable employee for you to have. There is no crisis or incident too bad for me to resolve. I can optimize, troubleshoot and secure servers in prompt fashion. I can also help with any other aspect of hosting.

Jonathan Felosi
531 Notch Gap Road
Thornhill, TN 37881


* 5+ Years of Linux/BSD/*nix systems administration
* Strong security related skills as well as preparedness
* Owned and operated successful web hosting company for 4 years - secureservertech.com
* Have my own *nix related blog with tips and tutorials for system admin work - nix101.com

evolution-security.com / nix101.com - nix related site mainly focused around security
5+ years of using nix systems on desktop and servers
secureservertech.com - successful hosting company I owned and operated for 3+ years running my own linux based systems

all self taught and experience based education. Simply put real life experience which usually counts a lot more then certs and other training.

Why you should consider me for this job
I know I can easily do all required tasks needed for this job. There is nothing I cannot do in unix based systems and if I ever find something I cannot do I simply look it up and figure it out on my own. I am a dedicated worker and works well with others.

I hope you consider me for employment, I assure you after speaking to me one on one and testing my knowledge of nix systems you will be impressed. I have taught myself from the ground up and consider myself one of the best admins on the net - especially dealing with security, sales and ddos issues. I also have lots of experience and insight for growing businesses and keeping clients happy for very low turnover.

Best Regards,
Jon Felosi