View Full Version : 2 hosting, Irish based company and free domain name too!

10-23-2005, 03:27 PM
Hi folks,

We offer the basic package.

100MB disk space.
1000MB transfer
php 5
mysql 4
perl 5.8
Perfect for starting off with you can always grow to a bigger package.
(Lets be honest, aren't you better off knowing now that we won't stand in your way later?)
Pre installed scripts for blogs, photos, E-Commerce etc. etc.
free .info domain of your choice with all annual orders!
(subject to the chosen domains availability at registration time!)

All this running on apache on a dual p4 server. Plus we are Irish based, perfect for local support if your in Ireland or the UK! If in the US, even better as we are in the office at your off peak hours (advantage of up to an 8 hr time difference!)
Yes we are new.
Yes we are small
No we are not promising you the sun moon and stars, because we can't deliver it, nor can anyone
There is no such thing as unlimited. It all has to be paid for.
We accept paypal, moneybookers and direct deposit via IBAN
If you dont see what you want, email us at sales@2eurohosting.info if we can't facilitate you we will say so and offer a recomendation.

We will accept monthly payments, email us to request this feature for you at no additional cost.

Our site address is: http://www.2eurohosting.info/index.htm