View Full Version : Free One Year Hosting When You Purchase bi-Annual Plan!

11-02-2005, 06:51 PM
For the entire month of November Gearworx is offering one full year of hosting free of charge when you order any of our Linux or Windows shared hosting plans as well as the Private Label plans for annual hosting term. This means that you will receive a full 12-months of hosting Free when you sign-up for the first year of annual hosting. You could save up to $300.00+! Gearworx takes the hassle out of hosting. Rely on us to host your website and services for you while you get on with running your business.

Gearworx is a cost-effective service for individuals, smaller and medium sized businesses, our service gives you space on our shared web hosting platform, plus a host of added-value features to help you create and manage a professional website.

What you can expect from Gearworx:

Industry Standard Software: We utilize rock-solid operating systems featuring RedHat Linux Enterprise and Windows Server 2003 for reliability and performance.
Your website and email will always be online. We guarantee uptime of 99% and have consistently exceeded it in the last 12 months.
Great Price: We charge our customers a flat fee monthly fee for each web site they host with us and with our price freeze guarantee you can rest assured that your hosting fees will always remain the same from the minute that you sign-up regardless of any changes we make to our hosting fee in the future!
Customer Service: Control panels allow customers to self-manage most aspects of their web site. Any technical issues that arise are solved quickly within a matter of hours and not days, through a proven escalation process. Scheduled maintenance work on servers is communicated well in advance so you can plan accordingly. Our Expert technical support is always within reach either by e-mail 24x7x365 or free phone support when needed.
A Model Citizen: Honest information and straight talk; we don't lie to our customers. You get what you see! We have a long-term business plan; we aren't losing money or looking to sell out. You are always treated with respect; we aren't a faceless acquisition-driven conglomerates.

Use the following promo code: "free year" on your order form to receive your 50% discount on your bi-annual order. Say goodbye to low quality hosting and take advantage of Gearworx half price special offer today! This limited offer will only last till November 30th!

Order here: http://www.gearworx.net/order/